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Building Owners

Our early involvement assists building owners to avoid unnecessary party wall issues at the design stage as well as preventing delays to their project by serving timely and valid notices, as defined by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.


It is essential to consider party wall matters at the earliest stage of the project to prevent delay. Notice periods are 1 or 2 months depending on the nature of proposed notifiable works, although it may take longer to agree a Party Wall Award if your project is more complex, such as a basement excavation.

As experienced party wall surveyors, we are naturally able to advise on design proposals to remove unnecessary party wall issues, as well as deal with all notices and appointments to prevent any delay to the project programme and avoid neighbour disputes.

We regularly assist developers in serving valid notices to all adjoining owners, to facilitate works commencing as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring compliance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. We liaise with adjoining owners and their representatives to carry out schedules of condition to surrounding properties, to record a property’s condition prior to works commencing.

Our Services include:

  • Party Wall Advice at Design Stage
  • Party Wall Notices
  • Schedules of Condition
  • Neighbour Liaison
  • Party Wall Awards
  • Boundary Advice
  • Oversail Agreements

Adjoining Owners

Whether you are the freehold owner, head-lessee or a leaseholder, we will act on your behalf to ensure your property is properly safeguarded and prevent unnecessary inconvenience from works to a neighbouring property. Our role as your appointed Surveyor involves reviewing the Building Owner’s proposals from a technical point of view as well as proactive management of party wall issues arising throughout the construction phase and thereafter, ensuring the building owner is fully aware of their obligations as defined in the award.


When you are served with a notice from the Building Owner, it is important to act quickly to appoint a suitably qualified Surveyor to advise you on the implications of the proposed works on your property.

For all email enquiries, please provide us with your postcode, contact number and drawings. This will help us give you a precise quote.

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