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All our Local Surveyors are Certified. We are Party Wall Specialists and Fully Insured.


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We Operate 7 days a Week. Flexible Timing from 08:00 am till 20:00 pm. Same Day Inspections Available. 


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We offer a Fixed Pricing Policy, Budget Friendly rates and Fast 24/7 Response. 

Approved Party Wall Specialist Team – London

With over 10 years of industry experience, we provide a range of party wall services including Party Wall Notices, Party Wall Surveys and Party Wall Awards.

Our expert team, provide Party Wall Act advice, support and in-depth survey to residential and commercial clients including resolving party wall related disputes.


Party Wall Surveyors Maida Vale W9 Party Wall Agreement

We provide party wall services in London with more than 20 years of market practical experience.

We undertake a specialist role in the prevention and resolution of clashes between neighbours that share a party wall or a boundary wall.

We stick to a rigid standard set within the provision of The Party Wall Act 1996 and therefore are able to protect against or solve any conflicts efficiently and in a reasonable approach.

The Party Wall Act 1996 is a set of authorized frameworks which assists in preventing and solving disputes as a result of party wall related construction works such as party walls, boundary wall structure and also excavations near adjoining structures.

Our team at, The London Party Wall Surveyors, provide you with first-class local party wall surveyors within the London region.

Our principal services are arranging and providing Party Wall Notices, Schedule of Condition, Party Wall Awards and drawing up Party Wall Contracts.

Party Wall Surveyor Company – Why Choose Us?

With all our professional services, you are guaranteed the following:

Fully Authorized and Covered by insurance

We are fully insured party wall specialists. All our local surveyors are qualified and certificated with a minimum of 2 years of industry experience.

Late Night Service / 24 Hour Service

Our service times are frequent since we work from 09:00 to 17:00. This wide range permits us to work 7 days a week. We also offer same-day inspections and late-night appointments providing we have available slots.

Experience and Inexpensive with 24/7 response time

Our pricing policy is fixed, which means we provide a fixed price based on the type of work required. You pay once for the service, and that’s it. There are no hidden charges.

We also offer prompt response 24/7, meaning we can respond to your inquiries via email very quickly.

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Do you want a specific price quotation? Please attach a floorplan or sketches or any paperwork relating the property works via our Booking Request Form.

Party Wall Prices

*All costs subject to an official estimate

Below is a rough guide to our prices:

We charge £30.00 to make and serve an authorized party wall notice to your neighbours. This is accomplished via 1st class post. We also assist notice by going to a clients house on request.

A land registry searches to verify your neighbour’s identity and address is contained in our service. We also proceed with a 10-day notice follow up if required.

Additionally, it covers the supply of a form of permission and a provision of explanatory notes where required.

Party Wall Surveyor, Schedule of Condition Prices

The cost for preparing a Schedule of Condition is £425.00*.

This cost covers the taking of 150-550 photos of the adjoining house according to breaks in the property or home before work starts off.

The inspection of your neighbour’s residence in conjunction with any notes taken about the condition of the house is included in our costs.

A land registry search is also covered with this cost. We provide several copies of the Schedule of Condition, as one goes to you, one to your neighbour and one on your file with us.

Party Wall Award including Schedule of Condition

Planning and serving a party wall award together with a schedule of condition carries a starting price of £625*.

This particular service features the preparing and providing of the party wall award, which also features providing the schedule of condition.

We will also enter and inspect the adjacent home before work begins. A detailed Schedule of Condition will be made during this inspection.

Party wall notices will also be delivered, along with permission forms and any sketches.

Information about Party Wall Awards

A party wall award is an authorized report that lays out the accurate privileges and duties of the constructing proprietor (normally, the instigator of works to be accomplished on the party wall) and the owner of the adjacent real estate.

An accredited party wall surveyor drafts the Party Wall Award. This is the situation if an individual surveyor is hired by all parties or a draft by two surveyors if separate surveyors are appointed by both sides.

The document precisely lays out the type of construction is carried out by the building owner, the agreed timescale as well as the manner of the building works to be done.

A schedule of condition is generally also prepared to show that the construction owner is mainly responsible for any damages the party wall works causes towards the adjacent real estate.

In an event of such situations, the Party for Award is usually a point of resource report. This is why it is extremely important to keep the document in a safe place. Preferably, together with the deeds to the property or home.

Party Wall Award also referred to as Party Wall Contract is a vital legitimate record and will be very beneficial for almost any future dispute solution.

Party Wall Agreement

Before beginning any developing work relating to party walls affecting neighbours (Adjacent Owners), a written Party Wall Agreement is required.

To start the process, the homeowner performing the construction works, ought to provide a written notice towards the affected neighbours which are also referred to as Party Wall Notice.

As part of our core expert services, our company offers authorised and written Party Wall Notices throughout the London area.

The neighbour has 14 days to get back once the Party Wall Notice is delivered. Following this approach, we have 3 possible outcomes:

Outcome One

The neighbour gives assent meaning accept the project to be completed offering the householder will put right any issues.

In this situation, it’s best practice to appoint a surveyor to inspect and create a schedule of condition. This is to prevent any unneeded conflicts at a later phase. This ought to be done right before commencing any construction works.

Outcome Two

The neighbour dissents or they actually do not react within 14 days, which means it’s presumed that they have dissented.

In this case, all parties can designate their own surveyor or a common surveyor to issue a Party Wall Award.

The agreed-upon surveyor must be independent rather than exactly the same surveyor the property owner might be utilizing for their own works. Otherwise, their neighbour is unlikely to view the surveyor as natural.

Outcome Three

Each owner’s appointment their own surveyor. This can be an expensive option as the homeowner carrying out the works is responsible for the cost of both surveyors.

It is important that all these options available to the neighbours are clearly explained to the neighbours when serving the Party Wall Notice.

Got any more questions? Call us now on 020 8016 2042 or drop us an email on info@thelondonpartywallsurveyor.co.uk

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